Trademark Registration Guide and Information

DIY Internet Trademark Search

Every business owner must pay attention to whether a new mark has already been used by another trader. In order to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else's Intellectual Property rights, it is necessary to conduct trademark searches to check if another trader is already using a mark/logo that is identical or similar to yours.

In addition to searching for registered / pending trademarks in the official Trade Mark databases, you can also carry out a diy informal search for unregistered marks by using an Internet search engine (eg. and However, no search engine is 100% complete. A comprehensive search may include other search engines such as MSN Bing, Alta Vista and Lycos.

You may also want to review products and services at popular online website retail stores. By way of example, if you are choosing a logo / brand name for your new shoes, you can visit to browse for any shoes trade mark identical or similar to yours. Other useful places to search for unregistered trademarks are global B2B trade portals such as, and

Every website is identified by a "domain name”. Because so much business are now transacted online, most business owners would want to use their new mark as a domain name to help their customers locate them easily on the World Wide Web. You can conduct a search for identical / similar domain names being used by other businesses at any domain name registrar. A list of domain name registrars can be found at at, which administers registrations.