Trademark Registration Guide and Information

Implementing a Trademark Watch Program

Implementing a trademark watching program is a powerful and cost-efficient way to maintain your brand strength, keeping you apprised of what your competitors are doing and where trademarks are being diluted and infringed.

A trademark watching service can uncover new applications of potentially conflicting mark and helps prevent infringement and dilution of the owner's trademark rights. This entails systematic monitoring of pending trademark application by other persons or entities.

lf a trademark owner discovers a new application of potentially conflicting mark, the watching service not only allows him to oppose the pending mark, it also provides him with the opportunity to contact the third party owner to negotiate a settlement before the matter proceeds to formal opposition proceedings or litigation.

In addition, it is not uncommon for companies to try and secure registration of their new brand or logo prior to its imminent product / service launches. A trademark watching service is an effective way to keep track of the competition to achieve commercial and strategic gains.