Trademark Registration Guide and Information

Trademark Registration in 3 simple steps

To register a trademark, LJ Vernus: - 

1. Performs a trademark search

2. Prepares and files the application with the local Trade Marks Office

3. Responds to Office Action, attends to publication and registration

Step 1 : Trademark Search

A trademark may comprise a word, numeral, logo, shape, slogan, signature, device, colour, smell, aspect of packaging, or combinations of the above. However, not all marks are available for registration. Two of the important requirements are as follows: 

- the mark must be distinctive of the goods or services; and

- the mark must not be identical or similar to earlier registered mark(s). 

Therefore, it is imperative to assess the strength of your mark before proceeding to filing. A search for the proposed mark is recommended to determine its availability for registration. 

A search typically takes about 3 – 5 working days to complete. LJ Vernus’s professionals help to identify any potentially conflicting prior marks that may block your application and provide advice on the registrability of your mark.

Step 2 : Preparing and Filing Application

The following information / documents are generally required for application filing: 

- the applicant’s name and address

- sample of the trademark

- Classification and specification of goods and/or services

- In some countries, an executed Power of Attorney

We work closely with you to understand your business, in order to ascertain the relevant classification of interest for comprehensive protection. We also assist in drafting the specification of goods / services. Upon receipt of the above information / documents, we will file the application with the local Trade Marks Office. It may take up to 1 month (or earlier) for the Trade Marks Office to issue the filing particulars


Step 3 : Prosecution, Publication & Registration

We provide full support throughout the application process from prosecution, publication up till extracting the certificate registration. LJ Vernus’s professionals review Office Actions, advising you on the best strategy to overcome any objections that may arise as well as ensuring timely submissions.


Post Registration

Once a trademark is registered, protection can last indefinitely with periodic payment of renewal fees. To preserve your trademark rights, we also help in devising watching strategies for your trademarks in our region.