Brunei Darussalam Trademark Registration Guide



Brunei is a small country in South-East Asia with a population of about 390,000. Thanks to its large reserves of natural resources such as crude oil and natural gas, which account for over half of GDP and more than 90% of exports, Brunei has one of the highest standards of living in Asia.



Brunei’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) law is TRIPS-consistent and provide adequate protection for foreign and local investors. Enforcement of IPR is based on complaints lodged by the registered proprietor. Both civil remedies and criminal sanctions are available in infringement cases.


Overview of our services in Brunei:

Trademark Registration and Prosecution

Trademark Search and Watch

Opposition and cancellation actions

Trademark Renewal


IP Authority

Brunei Trade Mark Registry


Main Trade Mark Legislation

Trade Marks (Chapter 98) S 58/99



TRIPS Agreement


Multi-Class Application



Series Mark Application



Approx. Time Frame of a Straightforward Application

At least 24 months.


Opposition Period

3 months from the publication date.


Filing Requirements

Applicant’s name

Applicant’s address

Country of incorporation

Specimen of mark

Specification of goods / services

Power of Attorney


Registrable unconventional trademarks

3-Dimensional mark

Colour mark


Term of Registration

10 years from the date of application.


Non-Use Period for Cancellation

5 years


Renewal Term

10 years from the renewal date of the registration.


Border Enforcement by Customs Official



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