Singapore Trademark Registration Guide


Singapore has a highly successful free-market economy and is becoming one of the world's most prosperous place. Singapore is an important financial and hi-tech hub for the South East Asian region. 





Singapore has a dual system of trademark law: protection for trademarks under the Trade Marks Act (Chapter 332, 2005 Revised Edition) and at common law (an action for passing-off). Conforming to Article 6bis of the Paris Convention and in the WIPO Joint Recommendations Concerning the Provisions on the Protection of Well-known Marks, “well-known” trademarks in Singapore are granted special protection under the Trade Marks Act, regardless of whether they are registered.


Overview of our services in Singapore:

Trademark Registration and Prosecution

Trademark Search and Watch

Opposition and cancellation actions

Trademark Renewal


IP Authority

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)


Main Trade Mark Legislation

Trade Marks Act (Chapter 332, 2005 Revised Edition)

Trade Marks Rules (2008 Revised Edition)

Trade Marks (International Registration) Rules (2002 Revised Edition)

Trade Marks (Composition of Offences) Regulations (2002 Revised Edition)

Trade Marks (Border Enforcement Measures) Rules (2001 Revised Edition)

Geographical Indications Act (Chapter 117B, 1999 Revised Edition)



Paris Convention

TRIPS Agreement

Madrid Protocol

Nice Agreement

Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks


Multi-Class Application



Series Mark Application



Approx. Time Frame of a Straightforward Application

8 months


Opposition Period

2 months from the publication date.


Filing Requirements

Applicant’s name

Applicant’s address

Country of incorporation

Specimen of mark

Specification of goods / services


Registrable unconventional trademarks

3-Dimensional mark

Colour mark

Sound mark

Smell mark (subject to qualifications)

Movement mark


Term of Registration

10 years from the date of application.


Non-Use Period for Cancellation

5 years


Renewal Term

10 years from the renewal date of the registration.


Border Enforcement by Customs Official



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